A Controversial Climate

Tomorrow world leaders will meet to begin talks on climate change in Pittsburgh. The G20 will focus discussions on how rich nations can help poorer nations to combat climate change and lower harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Global efforts to tackle emissions targets are setting the scene for the Copenhagen summit in December where the existing Kyoto protocol will be revamped.

The hope is that rich nations will commit to cut their emissions and set stricter targets, and under a new Copenhagen agreement, developing countries will also be expected to adhere to the requirements.

Scientists argue that to stave off the worst effects of climate change we need to have halved global emissions levels by 2050 (Source: UNFCCC, The Climate Group).

But why does this matter? Surely if we just use an energy saving light bulb here and there, turn off the TV and wear an extra jumper rather than turn the heating up, it’ll make a difference? Sadly, while these are admirable efforts to save the planet, the onus lies with the world’s politicians, and it’s on them to react responsibly to the way the world is changing.

Climate change is not just about gloomy wet summers and subdued skiers watching the snow melt in winter. It is leading to droughts, floods and unexpected storms that ravage the landscape and destroy the livelihoods and wellbeing of many living in developing countries that are hardest hit by such changes.

A recent UN report records that over 20 million people were forced out of their homes in 2008 due to climate change-related natural disasters. This is not a phenomenon to be ignored.

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