A self-confessed literature snob

As I watched the acceptance speech of this year’s Booker Prize winner, Hilary Mantel, I felt reassured that literature still has a recognised value.

The Booker Prize rewards writers, some well-known, others first-time novelists, for their dedication and hard work in producing something worthy of an esteemed award, effectively nominating it the ‘Book of the year’ and propelling the author forward into the limelight and towards a lucrative career.

Despite some comments from (seemingly jealous) writers of recent bestsellers, I believe that prestigious awards such as the Booker Prize are still necessary to provide an incentive to produce creative, insightful, and quality literature. They may not be best-sellers, reaching high sales targets, but are a mark of excellent literature, which is often hard to find among ‘top reads’ that are fine to while away the commute, but fail to match up to any literary classics.

A prize-winning book becomes a must-read, and do often make their way onto various ‘best books’ lists. It is not only a symbol of success in the literary world, but becomes a goal to be achieved for many writers, to write something worthy of critical acclaim.

It seems that a ‘Booker Book’ finds itself in a genre of its own, and comes highly recommended – not just by critics and literature snobs like me, but well, I challenge you to read for yourself.

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  1. I like the term “booker book”. Thats it. Thats my comment.


  2. I agree, it’s like the Mercury music prize…but for books. If it went on the highest book sales it would essentially mean that Richard and Judy chose the “Book of the Year”!

  3. I was going to say the same as Ness, in that it is like the Mercury Music Prize. I think these sort of awards which recognise books / music / other talents that may not otherwise have made it into the mainstream are the most valuable. When thousands of books, albums, exhibitions etc are released each year it is hard to uncover hidden gems. I am very pleased that awards like the Booker and Mercury draw my attention to the lesser known artists.

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