Unexpected ultrasound results

Don’t worry, I’m not expecting twins, the scan was on my shoulder.

Having spent ages trying to tie up the hospital gown, the ultrasound assistant undid all my hard work and ushered me to sit on the paper-covered couch. The scan flashed up unintelligible images onto the screen, and I squinted hard to try and make sense of the greyscale representation of my shoulder. The doctor quizzed me on the scale of my injuries and asked me to move my shoulder into what felt like impossibly painful positions. After what seemed like an effortlessly quick scan he hurried off to consult another patient and left me with the ultrasound assistant who passed me a paper towel to clean off the gel, and patiently retied the hospital gown.

The results are sent directly to the consultant and are not necessarily detailed to the patient at the time. However I did manage to ascertain that I had indeed torn a tendon, confirmed in the doctor’s parting shot before he disappeared out of the door.

Reassured that my pain was indeed well-founded I thought that was all I needed to know, a minor tear of a tendon is unlikely to need surgery.

Until I saw the results.

Not only had I torn a tendon in my right shoulder, I had also broken my right arm. Brilliant.

Another injury to add to my list. Whilst I had been careful not to put any pressure on my left arm (which was broken in three places in the accident – see earlier blog posts), I had relied on my right arm to support me with my crutch, lifting and other tasks. Two months later I’m told that the reason my right arm is hurting so much is because it was broken too.

I could be really annoyed at the NHS for not noting my injury sooner, or myself for not calling attention to the pain earlier. But in a way I’m slightly amused. After two months broken bones heal themselves, and unless an x-ray reveals that it has healed in an abnormal fashion, there’s nothing much I can do about it.

I just hope they don’t discover any other injuries I don’t know about yet….

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  1. Wow Helen! I can’t believe that you were managing to just push through the pain of relying on a broken arm!

    When do you get the x-ray results to see if it has healed properly? More physio?

    I’m praying for you!

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