Awful Advertising

I received through the post today what appeared to be a rather charming little flyer advertising home decorating. A qualified interior decorator, it read, was available for painting, wallpaper hanging and boarders.

I sighed.

So near, yet so far. The stumbling block of mispelling is unlikely to bring much business to this local entrepeneur. It is more likely to invite confusion (is it implying lodgers are part of the deal?) than prospective customers. If you are going to go as far as print several hundred flyers for your home start-up business, surely it’s worth proofreading first?

Still, this little faux-pas is a mere trifle compared to the errors made recently by the Latvian tourist board, who proudly boasted that their capital city, Riga, was ‘Easy to Go, Hard to Live!’. I assume the translator was away on holiday when that mistake was handed to the printers. A very embarrasing £500,000 slip-up to make on an international advertising campaign….

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  1. These sort of simple errors make me so angry – how hard can it be to ask a mate to check it over? I keep thinking I may start offering myself as a proof reader to small business – not to make money, just to preserve my sanity!

  2. I could be pedantic and point out your misspelling of entrepreneur….

    But I won’t 😛 x

  3. PS I DONT like the smiley face it’s put at the end of my comment!

  4. Haha! I knew the fact my spellcheck is not working would result in an error somewhere! Only goes to show we’re all only human (the spelling mistake, not the smiley – that’s far from human…).

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