Six Months Ago….

The bright lights made me blink. I closed my eyes again. I could hear strange voices. I opened my eyes again and struggled to focus on the figure beside me. My mouth was dry, my eyes couldn’t focus. I felt numb.

The nurse beside me gently explained what had happened. I tried to turn my head to speak but the effort was too much, and I closed my eyes again. I slowly drifted back off to sleep.

What a horrible dream.

Except it wasn’t a horrible dream. It was a shocking reality, one that didn’t really hit home until the painkillers started to wear off and the flashbacks began. The car I was in had hit an articulated lorry in a head on collision. The speed of the impact was estimated at 100mph. I am lucky to be alive.

Yesterday marked the six month anniversary of the accident. It was with mixed feelings that I reflected on what had happened, looking at my scars again in the mirror. I have come a long way in those six months; learnt to walk again, got back to work and even started driving again.

Yet I still get nightmares, flinching every time I pass a lorry on the road, and the pain has not totally subsided. Each time I reflect on what has happened I realise how valuable, yet fragile, life is.

I have a huge amount to be thankful for, but I cannot undo the fact that my life was irrevocably changed six months ago.

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  1. And, i’m so very glad its only been a road to recovery for you. God has blessed you and grown you, as well as those around you. You have incredible friends too. Good dancing 😉

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