Good News Stories

The Royal Wedding brought a flurry of flags and excitement last Friday, as the nation joined together to celebrate the love and joy of a young couple. Even the normally brusque and abrupt Londoners were jovial and friendly, starting up conversations with total strangers. The atmosphere in the capital city was infectious and arriving  in Hyde Park, thousands of revellers adorned in Union Jack colours crowded in front of giant screens to catch a glimpse of the new royals. Whether a royalist or not, the day brought sunshine, a day off work, and a smile to people’s faces, boosting the morale of the nation during difficult times.

As street parties were in full swing, communities were drawn together, and neighbours welcomed one another into the celebrations. The day’s events took over the news channels, almost obscuring ongoing situations across the rest of the world, but at least it provided some good news stories for once.

I felt over the weekend that my spirits were lifted. Maybe it was the sunshine, or the lie-ins, but the sense of goodwill that emanated from the Royal Wedding celebrations was contagious.

As I reflected on this, my thoughts turned to the thousands of good news stories that are taking place around the world. Often obscured by disasters or political battles, these are the stories that should be heard, and should encourage us. Around the world communities are coming together (not just for royal weddings) to support and help each other, using their resources and capacity to build schools, dig wells and invest in each other and their collective future. They are proactively doing development without requiring the aid of external actors, and empowering themselves to find new ways to tackle poverty.

Tis the season for good news….

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