It looks like it’s going to rain…

Having enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that has blessedBritainover the past few weeks, it has been a welcome respite from the heat to see dark clouds hovering overhead, and hear the rain pattering against the windowpane as I drift off to sleep. Yet whilst it is celebrated by agriculturalists and gardeners, for others, the arrival of rain is not so well received.

I am not talking about spoilt picnics in the park, or getting caught in an April shower. For another community across the world, the arrival of rain spells disaster.

 The internally displaced people inSomalia have been forced from their homes following decades of violent conflict find themselves surviving in makeshift displacement camps. Crowded and isolated from humanitarian assistance, these camps are under the control of armed rebel groups.

 According to UN estimates, at least 2.4 million Somalis need help across the country 

The onset of the rainy season will bring further problems to this vulnerable community. Tents and tarpaulins that have been in place for several years are now leaking, offering little shelter and support to families that huddle beneath them. Living in cramped and close conditions, the rains are likely to fuel the spread of water-borne diseases in the already unsanitary conditions. Even the markets are bare, traders scared off by the insurgents, leaving no options for finding food supplies or better shelter.

So perhaps the next time you find yourself caught in a downpour, cursing the fact that you forgot your umbrella, spare a thought for the Somalis for whom rain carries more risks than respite.

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