Feeling Hungry?

Food prices are going up. A weekly grocery shop is more expensive than it used to be, and most shoppers are more discerning in finding bargains than a few years ago. Purse strings have been pulled tighter and we are all counting the cost of the ongoing effects of the financial crisis.

But we are not starving. We are not facing a famine.

Unlike almost 10 million people in East Africa.

Along with food price hikes related to fuel prices rising and increasing occurrences of drought and unpredictable rains, countries in the Horn of Africa are facing a severe food crisis.

Not only is food scarce, drought is killing off livestock, a source of food and income for many pastoralist communities in Kenya, Ethiopia and parts of Somalia, but the cost of food is going up and the value of selling livestock is going down. Some communities have lost land to tourism and large-scale agriculture, and now with impeding famine, will suffer greatly.

Imagine someone taking away your job, your only source of income, removing all the shops from your area and destroying any ability you have to grow your own food. Famine is a total lack of resources to feed yourself and your family, with the only option to depend and rely on others to provide for you.

These East African countries are facing this food crisis. We who have an abundance of food need to respond.

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