Time for a faith lift…

I’m not sure if it’s too late in the year to be talking of New Year’s resolutions, but one of my resolutions is to finish writing a book. I began to write about a year ago, but encountered some obstacles on the way and have begun this New Year with a resolute determination to finish it this time.

Some of you already know the story, others will never have heard about it before. Yet I hope all of you who read this blog will join me on the journey I am about to embark upon in order to finish the book. I will share excerpts as I write, and invite you to take part in the adventure too. Many of you have been part of the adventure from the very start, being an encouragement and support over the past eighteen months. Thank you.

The event that sparked the desire to write, and inspired this blog in the first place, will form the basis of the book. A challenge of faith, of forgiveness, an experience of great pain yet filled with hope.

I hope that as I share my story with you, that it will encourage and uplift you too.

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New Year Resolutions

I decided not to make New Year Resolutions this year. Instead I made a list of achievements that I would like to complete before the year is out. Some are realistic, others are downright fanciful, and some will require a lot of hard work and dedication.

I have been inspired by the tasks set by others. A year in photos is underway, posting 365 beautiful yet different shots for every day of the year. A fundraising campaign offers a chance to raise money for good causes whilst achieving some individual challenges. Some are just for fun, such as ‘the love of it‘ setting 52 different challenges for the year ahead, with others taking on a more serious note.

A New Year always heralds a new start, poses new challenges and will bring its fair share of difficult moments and outstanding highlights. The feeling of anticipation is contagious.

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